Rates & Service Packages for Dr. David Wiss

The following Nutrition in Recovery Service Packages can be used for working with Dr. David Wiss, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Please inquire about the costs of the various tests we offer. Personalized nutrition packages are available. Dr. Wiss offers supervision services for professionals at the prices listed below.


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50 Minutes



  • Dr. Wiss will conduct a comprehensive intake and assessment process, advise you on treatment options, and get you started right away!
  • Dr. Wiss can be your nutrition and health consultant, functional medicine practitioner, recovery coach, or simply provide psychoeducation related to his areas of expertise.
  • The first two sessions are 50 minutes, then drop down to 35 minutes.

35 Minutes


  • Shorter sessions begin after 2 50-minute sessions have been conducted.
  • Dr. Wiss will provide ongoing counseling services based on his assessment and treatment plan, which may include engagement with a recovery app.
  • Complete Nutrition Overhaul: including a comprehensive intake, trip to the supermarket, “hands-on” nutrition, and guidance with meal planning.

Full Program – Five Sessions (Meeting Weekly)


Two 50 Minute Sessions and Three 35 Minute Sessions *Savings of $120* (Most Popular)
  • Ideal for individuals looking to meet weekly for treatment which may include other wellness and recovery-related services.
  • First two sessions are 50 minutes, and second three sessions are 35 minutes. Sessions can be done in person or virtually.
  • If needed, ongoing care after the five sessions can be continued weekly or drop down to meeting less frequently.

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