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Video: Nutrition and Diet for Depression and Depressive Symptoms

Nutrition Intervention for Depressive Symptoms The link between diet and depression has come a long way. Research has shown that people who eat more ultra-processed are more likely to develop depression, and people with depressive symptoms tend to improve after dietary intervention. There are seven randomized controlled trials to show the...

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Video: Intuitive Eating and Ultra-Processed Food Addiction

Intuitive Eating and Ultra-Processed Food Addiction I have given many podium presentations in my last ten years as a dietitian. Since the pandemic, most of them have been virtual, sometimes allowing for recording. While I miss traveling for live conferences, having my first child has made it difficult. So, I am all for the virtual talks! Usually,...

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Video: Nutrition and Substance Use Disorder Video

We have been interested in the intersection between nutrition and substance use disorder for many years. David Wiss has published several peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on this topic. There has been some progress in the field, but we are still lacking prospective research which shows that nutrition can improve addiction-related...

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Video: Food Addiction and Dietary Restraint

Food Addiction and Dietary Restraint Anyone who has followed David Wiss's work knows he has particular interest in the psychology of eating. The concept of dietary restraint is very important to study and understand in the context of eating disorders and obesity. Traditionally, approaches toward obesity management have been focused on teaching...

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Video: Trauma-Informed Nutrition Therapy

What is Trauma-Informed Nutrition Therapy? At the end of the presentation, attendees will be able to… List three ways in which early life adversity impacts human biology. Understand how social factors can “get under the skin” and alter neurobiology with profound implications for health and eating behavior. Identify associations between various...

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Food Addiction and Disordered Eating Webinar

Sorting Through Dialectical Truths In this webinar, David Wiss MS RDN helps you sort through dialectical truths that plague the nutrition profession. People seem to pick a "campsite" and then wage war at the other camps. In other words, there are false dichotomies in the nutrition field. For example, someone once said that one cannot believe in...

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Nutrition for Mental Health Webinar

Hot Topic: Nutrition for Mental Health David Wiss MS RDN presents to students at California State University Northridge about the connection between nutrition and mental health. This presentation covers the microbiome, substance use disorders, disordered eating, depression, recovery, and more. It's just over 50 minutes long, but worth every...

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BHN Webinar DEFANG - Disordered Eating Food Addiction Nutrition Guide David Wiss has been actively involved with the Behavioral Health Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group ever since he has been a dietitian. His first webinar "Nutrition Interventions for Addiction Recovery: The Role of the Dietitian in Substance Abuse Treatment" in 2013 was a huge...

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Webinar: Hormones and Addiction by David Wiss MS RDN

Hormones and Addiction Webinar National Organization of Men in Nutrition (NOMIN) will be hosting a webinar on Thursday, May 1st at 3 PM EST/12 PM PST. The webinar will delve into linking nutrition-related hormones (leptin, ghrelin, and insulin) to drug addiction and food addiction. This webinar will introduce the concept of behavioral health...

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