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Nutrition in Recovery Mission Statement:

Nutrition in Recovery is dedicated to the promotion of both physical and nutritional wellness as primary components of all forms of “recovery.” By incorporating a highly specialized Registered Dietitian Nutritionist as a member of your support team, Nutrition in Recovery aims to bridge the gap between nutrition and mental health. Through informing and encouraging behavior change with respect to food, Nutrition in Recovery will help contribute to positive long-term outcomes. We work with people not “in recovery” and always aim to meet people where they are at.

About Nutrition in Recovery Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Shelby Bublitz MS RDN

Shelby Bublitz, MS, RDN

Is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who is passionate about bridging the gap between nutrition and recovery. Shelby earned her bachelors from California State University, Channel Islands where her focus was teaching and learning. She is driven by her experience that most of us learn by doing. Her love of traveling, culture, food, and science led her to the field of Dietetics. Shelby graduated from California State University, Los Angeles as Summa Cum Laude of her class with a Master’s Degree in Nutritional Science. Through her work as a Dietitian Nutritionist, she soon realized how confusing our cultural norms and “diety” lifestyle can be for those who are trying to best take care of themselves. Shelby finds freedom in helping others learn and apply healthful behaviors that promote a positive relationship with food and improve well-being. Shelby enjoys living a balanced life and finds inspiration in the mountains and on the water where she spends most of her free time.

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