Nutrition in Recovery is a mobile and virtual private practice with multiple offices located in Los Angeles, California.

Treatment services are available for both medical treatment centers and individuals throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

Services Include:

Nutrition EducationBrainFood

Groups (co-ed and gender-specific)
Life Skills Workshops
Hands-On Nutrition
Educational Handouts
PowerPoint Presentations
Outings and Special Events

We have group curriculum for sale HERE

Nutrition Counseling counseling

Behavioral Health Screening
Individual Assessment (comprehensive intake takes 50 minutes)
Nutrition Intervention (includes goal setting and implementation)
Family Nutrition Intervention
Meal Planning
Supermarket Tours
Collaboration (with other members of the treatment team such as MDs and therapists)

Nutrition Monitoring Accountability

Accountability (texting, e-mail)
Virtual Sessions
Food Logging
Meal Companionship

Consulting & Other


Menu Planning
Wellness Programs
Meditation Walks

Free Phone Consultations!

You do not need to be a medical institution to call; customized nutrition packages are available upon request.
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