Trauma and Food Addiction Interview

In this interview with Molly Painschab and Clarissa Kennedy from the Food Junkies Podcast, David Wiss MS RDN discusses the importance of understanding the impact of early life adversity on eating behavior.  This interview aired on the Food Addiction Summit 2021 and is now available to you!!! It’s juicy.

David recorded two previous podcasts with this incredible team, one on Weight Bias and one on the split between eating disorder and food addiction camps. This particular interview focuses on adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and the available data showing how such adversity can become biologically embedded. This conversation summarizes David’s doctoral work focusing on the link between ACEs and mental health outcomes. The key takeaway is that trauma might be able to bridge the gap between the eating disorder and food addiction worlds. Trauma necessitates a biopsychosocial approach which bridges biology, psychology, and social/environmental disciplines.

We need to think about how trauma plays out in one’s relationship to food. Learn about trauma-informed nutrition from the expert! Check out a full webinar on Trauma-Informed Nutrition Therapy which aired through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. So much more on this topic coming soon!

David Wiss, MS, RDN is the founder of Nutrition in Recovery, which specializes in: Addictions, Eating Disorders, Mental Health, Body Image, and General Wellness. Mr. Wiss works closely with individuals to help them revolutionize their relationship with food and has shared his expertise with numerous eating disorder and addiction facilities throughout the greater Los Angeles area. David is a nationally recognized expert in nutrition for addiction and is currently working on his Ph.D. in Public Health from UCLA.

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