Hormones and Addictions Webinar by David Wiss MS RDN

Hormones and Addiction Lecture Objectives:

1. Discuss the link between addiction and nutrition.

2. Explore the concept of addiction as it relates to drugs/alcohol as well as highly palatable food.

3. Examine the link between leptin, gherkin, and insulin to addiction.

4. Make recommendations for recovery.

Please enjoy the video which was hosted by the National Organization of Men in Nutrition (NOMIN):

About the author: David A. Wiss
David A. Wiss
David Wiss, MS, RDN is the founder of Nutrition in Recovery, which specializes in: Addictions, Eating Disorders, Mental Health, Body Image, and General Wellness. Mr. Wiss works closely with individuals to help them revolutionize their relationship with food and has shared his expertise with numerous eating disorder and addiction facilities throughout the greater Los Angeles area. David is a nationally recognized expert in nutrition for addiction and is currently working on his Ph.D. in Public Health from UCLA.