Nutrition in Recovery is thrilled to announce our new monthly newsletter! Get the latest information on Nutrition for Addiction and Disordered Eating! Check out our latest video on Attentional Bias!
This video is about Attentional Bias, which is the tendency for one’s perception to be affected by their recurring thoughts at the time. In other words, one’s bias towards noticing what they are already thinking of. How does Attentional Bias related to Disordered Eating? Find out!

Nutrition in Recovery is a group practice of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists and other health professionals who specialize in the treatment of addictions, eating disorders, body image, mental health, as well as general wellness.
We send out a monthly Newsletter summarizing the latest research linking nutrition and mental health. Each newsletter will include a short video with some helpful hints and actions you can implement to improve mental, spiritual, and physical wellbeing for yourself and for your clients. You will be among the first to hear the findings and insights from cutting-edge data, and we are providing references so you can do your own research if interested.
Within the next year you can look forward to the following topics being covered:
Vaping (E-cig)
Bariatric Surgery
Child Nutrition
Circadian Rhythms
Men and Eating Disorders
View last month’s video on Alcoholic Liver Disease
About Nutrition in Recovery 3

David Wiss, MS, RDN is the founder of Nutrition in Recovery, which specializes in: Addictions, Eating Disorders, Mental Health, Body Image, and General Wellness. Mr. Wiss works closely with individuals to help them revolutionize their relationship with food and has shared his expertise with numerous eating disorder and addiction facilities throughout the greater Los Angeles area. David is a nationally recognized expert in nutrition for addiction and is currently working on his Ph.D. in Public Health from UCLA.

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