The following Nutrition in Recovery Service Packages can be used for any Nutrition In Recovery services, either for use by a treatment center or by an individual. Customized packages are available as well.
Below are some of our most popular packages:

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50 Minutes $190

35 Minutes $150

Financial difficulties? We have team members willing to discuss sliding scale

Individual nutrition counseling. Clients are advised that one meeting is usually not sufficient for an adequate intervention. We recommend five sessions.
Designed for organizations who would like a Nutrition In Recovery “group” or presentation in their facility. We have been running groups since 2012.
For those who enroll in the program (see below) and then wish to continue beyond five sessions, additional 35-minute sessions can be purchased at $150.

Full Program – Five Sessions (Meeting Weekly) $750

Two 50 Minute Sessions and Three 35 Minute Sessions
****Savings of $80****Most Popular Package****

This package is ideal for individuals who are looking to meet weekly and need a complete Nutrition Intervention which may include other wellness services.
Individuals will be monitored closely and many will require daily feedback using a recovery app. Educational files and recipes are provided!
First two sessions are 50 minutes and second three sessions are 35 minutes. Sessions can be done in person or via Zoom/FaceTime

Full Personalized Nutrition Program – Five Sessions plus Food Sensitivity Test, Micronutrient Assay, Microbiome Test, and Analysis of Genetic Data $2100

The cost does not include the price of the genetic test which is approximately $200 and the cost of dietary supplements that will be recommended after a detailed analysis of all of the results.
This personalized nutrition brings together the latest technology using functional medicine approaches to help you optimize your wellness and find real answers.
For those who enroll in the program (see below) and then wish to continue beyond five sessions, additional 35-minute sessions can be purchased at $150.

3-Hour Time Block $420

This package is popular for treatment centers who would like a one hour Nutrition In Recovery “group” in their facility and time spent with individual clients or for consulting with culinary staff and menu planning.
This package can also be utilized by individuals who need a one-time Nutrition Intervention in home.
Complete Nutrition Overhaul: including a comprehensive intake, trip to the supermarket, “hands-on” nutrition, and guidance with meal planning.

6-Hour Time Block $660

Need a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist on site for the majority of the day? This package is for you!
Groups, individual counseling, menu planning, treatment planning, special events, corporate wellness.
See Services to customize your own package!

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