What are some common nutrition education topics you cover?

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Nutrition Education Topics:

  • Sugar, Salt, Fat
    • Focus on food industry strategies to maximize palatability and profits
  • Food Group Systems
    • Explore various classification systems including MyPlate and their rationales
  • Eating for Mental Health
    • Focus on deficiencies that alter mental status and ways to combat them with food
  • Inflammation and Anti-Inflammatory Foods
    • Describe importance of dietary fats and the benefits of Mediterranean-style eating
  • Emotional Eating
    • Normalize the difficulties that arise in early recovery and how it can relate to food
  • Cravings and Appetite Control
    • Describe the neurobiology of appetite with focus on brain chemistry and hormones
  • Gut Microbiome
    • Discuss link between gut bacteria and overall health, ways to improve gut function
  • The Importance of Fiber
    • Sources of dietary fiber, how to increase fiber emphasizing food over supplements
  • Caffeine and Nicotine
    • Describe potential for abuse, safe upper limits, strategies for reduction/cessation
  • Fads and Myths
    • Explore various fads on the market, why they are popular, why some are dangerous
  • Body Image and Disordered Eating
    • Connecting body image to nutrition habits, including information for both genders
  • Exercise in Recovery
    • Describe the scientific support for exercising in recovery and the associated benefits
  • Budgeting and Shopping
    • Analyze costs of eating healthfully and the myth that is too expensive to eat well
  • Mindful Eating
    • Introduce mindfulness as it related to nutrition and the importance of slowing down
  • Cooking in Recovery
    • Explore easy recipe ideas for people to engage either in treatment or after
  • Hands-on Nutrition
    • Engage activities such as cooking, snack preparation, grocery shopping, etc.
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