Do you work with people who are not in recovery?

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Absolutely! Although Nutrition In Recovery has been designed to meet the unique needs of individuals in recovery from addiction, Dr. David Wiss has extensive experience working with medical nutrition therapy for various conditions including gut health, as well as overall general wellness. Nutrition In Recovery provides services to people with diabetes, individuals with hypertension, athletes, struggling students, and anyone who wants to live a better life.

What exactly does it mean to be “in recovery”?

Nutrition In Recovery has adopted the philosophy that everyone is in some form of recovery from something! The majority of our clients are “in recovery” from drug addiction, alcoholism, food addiction, and other forms of disordered eating. Mr. Wiss also works with gamblers, sex/love addicts, and other forms of substance-related or process addictions. Other people are recovering from a divorce or other form of loss and have turned to food, becoming an “emotional eater”. Nutrition In Recovery can provide new coping mechanisms to recover from the trials and tribulations of everyday life.

What other ways can people be “in recovery”?

Many of our clients need help recovering from a strenuous workout. Do you lead an active life? Then you have recovery needs. Running a marathon? You need to recover and fuel properly. Did you have an injury or medical problem that has changed your body or your activity level? You are in recovery.

If you have had encounters with any form of chronic disease, then you are in recovery. If there are forms of emotional distress and/or trauma that require work with a therapist, Mr. Wiss works with a fantastic team of experienced clinicians.

What are you in recovery from? How does food fit into the equation?

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