Where and when is BEDA 2014?

This year BEDA will take place at the Westin in Downtown Denver from April 24-26, 2014. Mr. Wiss will be attending with Breathe Life Healing Centers.
Pathways Toward a Paradigm of Health, Body Acceptance, and Quality of Life is the theme of the BEDA 2014 Annual Conference in Denver, CO, which will feature posters, sessions, workshops, networking opportunities, and opportunities to be a part of the BED community, which includes clinicians, researchers, individuals with BED and their families, advocates, educators, and others.

What is BEDA all about?

BEDA advocates for Health at Every Size (HAES) and raising awareness about weight stigma. BEDA places more emphasis on the psychological aspects of BED rather than the biological aspects. Many of the individuals at BEDA believe that the ability for the binge eater to eat their previous binge foods in moderation is the key to recovery. In other words, the concept of food addiction is not well-embraced in this community.



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