Nutrition Therapy for Addiction and Eating Disorder Recovery

Los Angeles, CA

Nutrition in Recovery is dedicated to the promotion of both physical and nutritional wellness as primary components of recovery from behavioral health challenges. We are a team of specialized registered dietitian nutritionists who work with challenging cases but also help many people who do not identify as being “in recovery.” We believe in the functional medicine approach which considers the entire dimension of wellness.

Nutrition in Recovery Specializes in the Nutritional Management of:

      • Eating Disorders
      • Substance Use Disorders
      • Behavioral Addictions
      • Body Image Issues
      • Gastrointestinal Issues
      • Depression
      • Anxiety
      • Weight-Related Issues

Approach: We use a food-first approach but can help you find the right supplements to support you on your journey. Everyone is different and we pride ourselves on being flexible with different food philosophies. We do not believe that any single food philosophy works for all people. We are skilled in making an individual assessment in order to figure out the best treatment approach for you. We also love to work with the entire family. We have a wide network of other treatment providers we can get you in touch with, if necessary.

Nutrition in Recovery also offers:

      • General Wellness Services
      • Sports Nutrition and Exercise Consulting
      • Medical Nutrition Therapy (diabetes, gut issues, and more!)

Style: We offer group education and individual counseling, including virtual services. We believe in using a “hands-on” nutritional approach and offer cooking classes, grocery store tours, and meal experientials. We have tons of easy recipes that we cannot wait to share with you, and also understand the importance of meeting people where they are at.

We have also offer various forms of testing including:

      • Food Sensitivity Testing
      • Microbiome Testing
      • Genetic Testing

Goal: We love to help people finally make peace with food and exercise, and to take their health to the next level. Sometimes we just need help finding the right strategy and plan. Nutrition in Recovery Founder David Wiss MS RDN has published extensively in the peer-reviewed literature on these topics.

David Wiss MS RDN, Founder

Shelby Bublitz MS RDN

Maria Schellenberger MS RDN

Maral Piloyan MS RDN

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