Nutrition Therapy for Addiction and Eating Disorder Recovery

Los Angeles, CA

Nutrition in Recovery is dedicated to the promotion of both physical and nutritional wellness as primary components of addiction recovery. By incorporating a highly specialized Registered Dietitian Nutritionist as a member of the treatment team, Nutrition in Recovery aims to bridge the gap between nutrition and addiction recovery. Through informing and encouraging behavior change with respect to food, Nutrition in Recovery will help contribute to positive long-term recovery outcomes.

Nutrition in Recovery specializes in the nutritional management of addictions, eating disorders, weight management, and mental health. We offer group education and individual counseling. We love to help those who struggle with body image issues finally make peace with food and exercise. Nutrition in Recovery also offers general wellness services, sports nutrition, and medical nutrition therapy for various chronic diseases. Whatever brings you into our office, we are prepared to help you on your journey to recovery.

David Wiss MS RDN, Founder

Kristie Moore MS RDN

Dave Cannon NDTR CPT

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